Our Mission


Empowering men and women and their families experiencing homelessness, and to help them to rebuild their lives with the involvement of the community.


Gateway to Veteran’s Services envisions a community and a nation where every veteran has a place to call home.

What we do:

We offer the most effective model for addressing homelessness , with innovative customized
programs that empower participation to rebuild their lives, find homes, get jobs and reconnect with friends, families and the community.


These innovative programs are personalized, focused, individualized to meet the needs and the goals
of men and women and their families experiencing homelessness.


Meeting people experiencing homelessness where they are- on the streets- offering basic necessities
and inviting them into the Welcome Center.


A friendly and safe place for food basic needs, support and conversation at our Welcome Center.

Health Care:

Free medical and psychiatric services, no questions asked.

Case Management:

Professional Help individualized action plans.


Transitional shelter and permanent housing.


Mentoring, employer outreach and job preparation, placement and retention.


In service training, monthly workshops and presentations to community groups.


Educating our elected officials and the community about solutions to homelessness.


Homelessness prevention, rapid re-housing, and policy advocacy.